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​​​​​​Keynote: 60 Minutes

Workshops: 60-120 minutes

Million Dollar Service (MDS)

We are ALL in the customer service business!  Customer service is what happens immediately after a transaction has taken place.  In the classroom, it happens after a teacher discusses a new topic.  On the sport field, it happens after the coach reviews a play.  In business, it happens after a sale is made.  

Customer service is the backbone of any thriving business.   In this popular program, Jason Whiteman will G.I.V.E the audience the four elements of million dollar service, and demonstrates why customer service is not a department on the third floor,​ but a way of life.

G.I.V.E- Greet, Invite, Validate & Expedite

Success in the Classroom (SCR)

Professional development is essential to ensure that a team is moving towards its goals.  In this popular presentation, Jason trains teachers how to stay engaged and connected with the students.  He provides teachers with the resources required to achieve classroom success (goals,people & attitude)and how to navigate the road from ordinary to extraordinary.

Embracing Change (EM​C)

Embracing change is fundamental to our long-term success.  Motivational speaker Jason Whiteman will take your team on a journey of self discovery and teach them a proven system of success.  He shows individuals and organizations how to recognize pending changes, and the importance of adapting to change with confidence.

Jason's success process is E.A.S.Y! (Establish a goal, Activate your plan, Study & Yell out the answer!) and simple to implement into any environment that experiences change.  Schedule​​ Jason for this signature presentation and reap the rewards of a team that is ready, willing and able to accept the challenges of achieving organizational and personal goals.

Operation: Graduation (OPG)

Last year over one million students dropped out of school.  Jason has established a dropout p​revention program called Operation: Graduation​ to address this alarming epidemic.  This program is designed to provide coaching and support to our at-risk students, while teaching the principles of success. 

​Return on Investment​

  • Increased engagement from team members and a commitment​ to excellence
  • Deeper focus on personal accountability and productivity
  • A proven system to achieve long-term success​

We want Jason at our next event.​