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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jason Whiteman's  Broke on Payday!​​

Come in Mr. Wrightman.  Have a seat.

As a Vice President, you know we have a strict policy about insubordination.  When you corrected me in front of your peers, you undermined my authority and made me look ridiculous.  I was trying to make a point about mental toughness, and your coworker was crying because she was weak.

In addition, based on your recent performance, it appears that you were sandbagging accounts to manipulate the commission schedule.  Who gets 125% on four out of five buckets in the last two quarters?  

It is with regret, no regrets.  I am informing you that today will be your last day.

In the envelope is a check for the two-week vacation you earned, but did not take, big guy.  Your final paycheck will be directly deposited today to your account as usual.

Please leave your badge and keys on the table.

Do you have any questions?

Are you serious?  You are terminating me after 14 years because I defended a teammate, and exceeded my goals.

Pretty much, and they liked you more than they like to me.  Therefore, you had to go.  Good luck with your future endeavors, Mr. Stand up for what's right mannnnn! 

I smiled, removed my badge, took the keys from my breast pocket and threw them on the table, but my adrenaline was pumping and the keys slid across the table and fell on the floor.  I got up slowly from my chair Looked Ramos dead in the face and said "you are the worst team leader in the world, and my good friend Karma has your number" and walked out of his office without saying another word.  

As I drove off I could see Shrek peeping from behind the curtain, so I gave him with the one finger salute, and merged into the late morning traffic.


Chapter 01.  Paying it forward.

If this story was not true, I won't believe it myself.  In 86 days, I was terminated, deposited three hundred and forty seven thousand dollars into my bank account.  I traveled to five countries, and spoke to over 10k people.  Today is the first day I have taken a break since I began the Redline challenge. 

The challenge was simple enough.  For 90 days work harder than you have every worked before on one goal.  Push the limit, and do whatever you have to legally do to accomplish that goal.  On the 90th day tell someone your story and introduce him or her to the challenge.  My sponsor was very specific about part two of the challenge, so I agreed and here I am telling you my story and introducing you to the program. 

My name is Charles Wrightman, and 90 days ago, I was a dreamer who could not get out of my own way.  One of my favorite things to do was to create business ideas, develop company names and logos.  In addition, I would spend hours watching training video and sign up for all type of webinars.  I had all the knowledge of how to succeed, however, I never applied the information, tips or trick to a specific goal.  My ideas were abundant, but I was comfortable so I did not make the made the effort to develop them.  I was living in the comfort zone, and I was happy...

Jason Whiteman, All Rights Reserved 2014 (c) 

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